Avoiding Scam Or Fraud

Please carefully read some common sense precautions below that you can take to protect yourself when buying and selling heavy item dealing locally.

•    Deal locally, face to face. Does not deal on the basis of mere assumptions.

•    Do not send/give payment to anyone you don’t know.

•    Do not give your own Bank Account data and PayPal information and so forth to anybody at any expense.

•    Do not pay in advance to anyone.

•    Don’t accept checks without the surety of presence of required account balance.

•    Do not rent item to that person you do not know about him/her. For rent your item, must collect his/her National ID copy. 

•    Beware offers involving free shipping. Accept this offer only when you meet that person locally.

•    Be extra careful during buying/selling high value items outside your locality.

•    Make sure all your legal documents of buying items are authentic and registered.

•    Inform a friend or family member when going to buy/sell any item.

•    Take your mobile phone along with you if you think it is necessary.

•    If possible, get someone to be with you during that deal.

Note: If you are defrauded by someone you met personally, contact your local police.If you think that an allcaronline post may be a cause of any scam/fraud, please send us details at info@allcaronline.com



Follow the steps below to edit/delete post item.

  • Login into your account.
  • Go to dashboard 
  • Click on menu at left side.
  • First, click on selling option and then click on All post option.
  • Here, you can manage (Edit/Delete) your post item.

You can re-new your post after ending of your posting period.  Follow the steps below to renew the post item.

  • Login into your account.
  • Go to dashboard.
  • Click on menu at left side.
  • First, click on selling and then click on All post option.
  • Here, you can re-new your post item.


Follow the steps below to view your all post item.

  • Login into your account.
  • Go to dashboard.
  • Click on menu at the left side.
  • First, click on selling option and then click on All post option.
  • Here, you can view your entire post item.


Follow the steps below to share your post item on social media or other networks.

  • Click on your post item and open it.
  • Click on share social media icon placed on the right side below post views feature or near seller rating.


Follow the steps to below for Banner advertisement on All Car Online.

  • Login into your account
  • Go to “Advertise with us” from the footer.
  • Choose banner placement details where you want to display your banner and time period etc.
  • Click on submit and Pay. After submitting your banner, our team will review your banner advertisement and publish it after receiving your payment confirmation.


Yes, Allcaronline provides the facility to the seller to deal with buyer directly, during posting item. If buyer and seller (both) agree by mutual consent then Allcaronline does not have any liability for such transactions, damages or any kind of scam/fraud.



You can buy item, equipment or vehicle from sellers by direct dealing or involving All Car Online.


There are three methods are available for buying item, equipment or vehicle from All Car Online.

  • Make an Offer: Buyer can negotiate a sale deal by presenting an offer.
  • Buy Now: Buyer can immediately purchase at set price from seller.
  • Online Auction: Buyer can participate in an auction for buying item. According to our policy, the highest bidder will win item until our live auction time is over.


Yes, you can buy item directly from seller. If seller mentioned this in his listing otherwise, you can’t.  


You can check easily by clicking on required item. Here, you can find all details related to payment by clicking "PAYMENT TAB".




Mechanic/car-wash is technician or skilled personal advertiser on Allcaronline platform who uses tools to build or repair the item (Vehicles, auto parts etc).

No, these are not. Allcaronline only provide a platform to advertise them. They would work on your behalf. Find someone you trust and is comfortable working with for your sell/purchase.

To find out mechanics/car washer on AllCarOnline is very easy. Followthe following procedure.
.   Click on mechanic/car wash button placed on top menu.
.   Here, you can search mechanic/car washer in your area or nearest area (if exist).


There are three types of online stores available

•    Stock selling store

•    Rental store

•    Parts store

Allcaronline assists all the customers to experience and create all kinds of listing (Stock selling, Rental, Parts and Mechanics) in each store.

Note:  Mechanics listing will not show in store. It will show in Mechanics section.


Follow the following steps to open ACO online store.

•    Create user account with ACO.

•    Login to your ACO account.

•    Click stores link, present at footer.

•    Find create store button. click on it.

•    Choose a store package, you want to buy and pay now.

•    Welcome to your online ACO store.


There are following steps to setup your ACO online store. 

•    Login into your ACO account.

•    Find store setting, at left menu bar.

•    Now, you can setup your ACO online store. 

•    Log in to your ACO account.

•    Find store subscription page.

•    Go to my subscription page of your account option.

•    Select cancel/deactivate store subscription.

When you cancel/deactivate your store, the current listing will not show on front site of users. 


We collect subscription fees in advance. Your store subscription fee and benefits will no longer apply in case if you cancel/deactivate your store for any reason. At that very point, we'll start charging usual fees for any new or renewed listings.


After verification of your account, we will be bound to pay dues of all your sold items if exists.

•    Login into your ACO account.

•    Go to my store subscription page.

•    Click on upgrade my plan.

•    Select a new package plan and click on buy now button.

•    After paying, you will be able to change subscription level.


There are four ACO online store subscription levels.

Package Name Subscription Days Subscription Fees
Free Package 20 Zeo
Copper Package 30 $50
Gold Package 90 $100
Diamond Package 180 $175

You can choose a store template, name and add business logo, store background images and items categories in which you want to display in front of store home page.


Subscribing your ACO online store brings together all your listings in one location.  ACO online store subscription gives you a number of free listings and additional tools to manage your ACO online store.


• Login to ACO online store

• Go to my subscription page.

• Click on upgrade plan button.

• Choose a package you want to buy and pay now.

Note: We strongly recommend that before upgrading your plan, try to use/finish maximum days of the previous subscription package then upgrade a new subscription plan. If you upgrade to a new subscription plan during previous plan, your new package will be adjusted with the previous one.


Your store will not display at the user’s end.



When you find two payment methods available at checkout point at the same time then select the payment method you want to pay through.    

  • All Car Online
  • Direct  to seller

Note: When you checkout payment by selecting direct to seller, confirmed from the seller payment method before checkout. Allcaronline does not give permission to seller for showing his payment method due to legal security issues.




You can request shipping/ transportation before buying/checkout item.


 There are two ways.

  • Buying item from All Car Online Plate Form: Click on required item then click on "Ask Shipping TAB" below the images of item and then click on shipping button and fill all the required fields.
  • Buying item from outside the All Car Online Plat Form: Click on "Ask For Shipping" Button placed above footer at left side and Fill all the required fields.


·        Click on transportation button placed at top menu. Dropdown menu will appear

·        Click on Carrier

·        Here, find you required carrier which is going to your path.

Create an account with allcaronline and buy shipper posting package. Now, you can post/book vehicle on ACO.

ACO is not a shipping/transportation company. Only provide self managed transportation solution to its users.

In your dashboard, click on left menu and click on shipper and click on My vehicles.

Here you can see all shipping/transportation post vehicles in “All Post TAB“. 

Pay to carrier directly at the end of receiving vehicle from selected carrier.

Billing & Invoices

Details of all orders are available in “User Account” section under “order”. Here, you will find all orders details. If you required detail of any specific invoice of order, please send email at info@allcaronline.com with the order number or details.

Please send your request by Email at info@allcaronline.com or contact our customer services team.


The auction is held online. You bid from your computer on item or equipment being sold all over the world.

Only All Car Online members/users (Prime Bidder and Silver Bidder) can bid in auction.

To become a member

Register yourself on All Car Online and become a member as a Prime Bidder or Silver Bidder. Now, you can bid in auction.


Yes, when you place an accidental bid, our system will generate a message "PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR BID” if you agree, Press YES button otherwise press No button.


Yes, All Car Online gives the right to its bidders before the live Auction. For the live auction bidder can increase proxy bid only.

Your Proxy Bid amount won’t be shown to other bidders, or to the seller, but you can see your own Proxy bid on the listing page, and increase it if you’d like.


It takes about 1-2 minutes per item, equipment or car to auction. The duration of live auction depends upon the number of items, equipment or car being offered in a particular auction.


No, the seller's minimum bid price is not disclosed during the auction.


Yes, you can place Bid/Proxy Bid on the item page during the preview period.


There are two steps before placing a bid:

  • Register yourself on All Car Online
  • Become a member as a Prime Bidder or Silver Bidder. 

Now, you can start Bidding.


You can submit your security deposit by clicking on any item and click on place bid button/bid increment button. A Pop up will open and choose as being prime bidder who submits security deposit.  

Note: After submitting advance security deposit, you can place a bid on any item.

You become Silver Bidder by clicking on any item and click on place bid button/bid increment button. A popup will open and choose as being silver bidder who buy number of items to place a bid on it. 

Note: After purchasing number of items, you can place a bid on any item.

You can check your remaining item for placing a bid by clicking on Auction ledger in user dashboard.    


Yes, you can add vehicles or equipment to your watch list for easy access to them later.


Yes, you may increase your maximum bid amount at any point during the auction, whether or not you are the lead bidder.

Yes, you have to bid in whole increment.

When you get outbid after placing a bid it means that another bidder placed a proxy bid.


No, all biddings are binding and final. Once a bid is submitted, and is accepted, the Prime Bidder is obligated to pay the amount of the bid(Plus all applicable fees).If he does not pay then Prime security deposit fee will be confiscated and will not be refunded.


The seller has 24 hours after the auction is ended. To Accept, Reject or Counter the bid offer. If your bid is accepted, you will be contractually bound to purchase the item for your bid price plus any applicable taxes, transaction fees and All Car Online service fee.


A buyer can counter the seller's offer on item, equipment or from my account .You have three options available “Increase Your Bid”, “Keep Your Bid”, “Accept Minimum Bid ”When you make a counter offer it cannot be retracted or canceled. The seller has until 6:00 pm PST the next business day to accept, reject or counter your offer. Once an offer is submitted, the buyer is obligated to pay the offer amount (plus all applicable fees)


All Car Online Prime members can bid on as many items, equipment or car as they wish. The Prime bidder needs to pay one time security deposit fee $400.


All Car Online collects a security deposit in advance from our Prime bidding members and give them number of free items to place a bid on.

Yes, the prime security deposit fee is 100% refundable when a prime bidder has no active bids and has no outstanding fees. If a “bid” has been placed or a buyer has purchased an item or equipment, the security deposit is held until the auction is over or the item or equipment is paid for. The refund will be issued in the original form of payment. 


No, you can’t use your prime security deposit to pay for item or equipment that you won at auction. 

Prime Bidder: who submits prime security deposit fee and get number of free item to place a bid on.

Silver Bidder: who Buy number of item (they wish) to place a bid on. 

We divide the item into Lots through country vise. Each country has special lot number. For Example; Event # 1 is upcoming, User form USA will be considered in USA Lot and other so on. Live Auction will be displayed descending lot in order.

You can get your prime security refund by clicking on security refund  button place at auction ledger page.


Upload transporter company License.

Upload cargo insurance documents. 

Register your account as a carrier/transporter with allcaronline. Submit legally registered company profile and buy subscription package. You can get loads/vehicles on allcaronline. 

Click on create an account button. Create carrier/transporter company profile and select option register as a transporter. After that, submit legally registered company profile and subscribe vehicle’s membership package.

At the end of expiring package, you can’t get more loads/vehicles from ACO.

Once you purchase package, you can’t cancel it before package expiration.


Persons who post or sell item on the ACO website on the behalf of his/her customer.

You can post your item independently. If you need agent's services, you can contact him.

You can hire agent of your own choice by clicking on top menu agent button. Here, find out agent who are nearest from you and contact him.

No, you will pay only post listing fee. (If applicable)